By Jorge Canavati Today, the United States has a record in manufacturing and exporting. International trade being a primary cause for this growth. Trade is a fundamental creator and supporter of jobs. It is not possible to manufacture and export if you do not import. Parts, raw material, technology, services; whatever component necessary to manufacture. Trade. Pure and simple. The act of moving one ocean container of imported goods at a U.S. seaport supports three

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Ayer por la mañana vi la entrevista que le hizo Loret de Mola al director general de Pemex, Emilio Lozoya. Cada vez que contestaba Lozoya yo gritaba OLE! Aunque fue muy cauteloso en sus contestaciones y no entraba en detalle. Realmente quede algo decepcionado por la falta de preparación de Loret de Mola para esta entrevista. Loret de Mola le saco el tema a Lozoya de las nuevas gasolineras de Pemex en Houston: "Como es

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First and foremost I am a free trader as long as it is fair (whatever that means). Let’s use Aeromexico as an example. The flag carrier of Mexico. I have traveled on this airline very frequently throughout the years and even much more so in the past two/three years. Recently and very frequently, the captain of any given Aeromexico flight would come on the intercom and state the airline's case against open skies. Very nationalistic

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